Maximize Americas Barter Exchange Membership

Pay Bills.
Use ABE Barter Dollars to pay some of your outstanding cash bills. If you owe a vendor money for a product or service and you just don’t have enough cash to pay – talk to them about barter with Americas Barter Exchange. If they become part of our network and you have a trade balance to cover the amount owed to them – then you can immediately pay them.

Collect Past Due Receivables.
Businesses that are unable to pay money they owe you would probably be very willing to pay you with their product or service. You may not need these offerings directly but Americas Barter Exchange may have a market for their products or services.  Just phone, text, or email Americas Barter Exchange with the specifics and we may be able to move their products. We do this by creating their own account at ABE or we can process through your Americas Barter Exchange account, and credit your account when the products or services have been sold.
Employee Bonuses  and Rewards Programs.
For a nominal fee, we will set up employee sub-accounts and assist your employees in spending their ABE Barter Dollars.