We Make Barter Easy


1.  You decide what products, services, appointment-times, or gift certificates you would like to trade.
2. Call, text, or email your personal Trade Director or complete our simple "Make Available" form.
  • If you are offering a services, appointment-times, or gift certificates, you are finished.
  • If you are offering products, you can deliver them to our Boutiques in Provo or Las Vegas or we will pick them up from you.
​3.  We will market to our members to get your product or service sold!


1.  You decide what you want or need - things you would normally pay cash for.
  • Call, text, or email your personal Trade Director and ask them to find that product or service for you, or
  • Search the directory for what you are interested in.  Remember, the directory may be incomplete as some business opt out and/or we can find what you are looking for from our Exchange partners.
2. Use your trade dollars to purchase directly or go to the business and they will send their invoice to us to debit from your account