Will Barter Work for Vacation Rentals?

The Problem:
Vacation Rentals, Airbnb, and other short-term rentals have unbooked nights.
Your Vacation Rental has vacant rooms on a weekly and monthly basis.  Weekends and holidays may stay full, but for other nights and off-seasons you are making facility payments, keeping the utilities on, and maintaining the rental even though you don't have revenue to off-set these costs.  Empty nights are costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenues.

The Solution:
Fill those unused nights with Americas Barter Exchange Members
Americas Barter Exchange will bring you new customers at your regular rack-rate on trade.  Trade business with never interfere with you cash business. Americas Barter Exchange is here to help you fill those otherwise empty rooms at full retail value. No longer will you need to frequently discount your room rate  on various coupon websites,  travel sites, and social media, which devastates your profit.  Our members enjoy vacation rentals for trade even on off-nights and out-of-season months.

It’s Easy!
Earn and Spend Trade Dollars
Spending trade dollars for your spare rooms is easy and convenient.
The extra revenue stream from trading with Americas Barter Exchange will improve your cash flow. ​Use trade instead of cash to pay for things like printing, bookkeeping, vehicle repair, employee bonuses and incentives, advertising for more cash sales, etc.  Every trade dollar you spend saves a cash dollar!

If you ever have spare rooms, call Americas Barter Exchange at (801) 802-0322 to improve your income and gain new customers.