Will Barter Work for Screen Printers?

The Problem:
Screen Printers & Embroiderers Need Job Orders

As a screen printers & embroiderer, you need to keep your machines and equipment filled with job orders. Purchasing bulk tee shirts for better pricing can sometimes lead to an excess of inventory on hand. What better way than to move these shirts than to trade them at full retail value?  
The Solution:
America’s Barter Exchange Finds You New Orders

Americas Barter Exchange will bring the new orders to you, keeping your employees busy and allowing you to maximize your earning potential for the day, week, or month.  Screen printing is a high-demand trade item by our business owners.

Remember, you always control the amount of screen printing or embroidery you are willing to trade.

It’s Easy!
Earn and Spend Trade Dollars
Spending trade dollars for your spare hours is easy and convenient.  The extra revenue stream from trading with Americas Barter Exchange will improve your cash flow. 
​Use trade instead of cash to pay for things like water delivery service, website design updates and hosting, employee bonuses and incentives, advertising, dental services, office furniture, etc.  Every trade dollar you spend saves a cash dollar!

If you ever have excess capacity, call Americas Barter Exchange at (801) 802-0322 to improve your income and gain new customers.