Will Barter Work for Retail Stores?

The Problem:
Retail Stores Need More Customers and Have Excess Inventory

Your retail store relies on a constant influx of customers. Competition is fierce, especially from Internet sellers.  Each season you have excess inventory piling up that you frequently have to dump at or below wholesale.  This all means less profit and tight cash-flow.  Rent, utilities, and employees are fixed, on-going costs whether you are turning over your inventory or not.
The Solution:
Americas Barter Exchange Brings More Customers and is a Full-price Outlet for Excess Inventory
  1. First, we drive additional customers to your store that may otherwise patronize your competitors.
  2. Second, you have the ability to earn full retail value for existing merchandise instead of reducing the price of slower moving items.
  3. Third, you can trade excess inventory and stagnant merchandise, allowing you to make room for the latest trends and offerings from your wholesalers.
Trade never interferes with your cash business. Americas Barter Exchange can provide you with new customers to purchase that otherwise slow-moving and excess inventory and turn it into purchasing power!  Trade your inventory for trade dollars.  Billing your merchandise at your normal cash-rate in trade dollars will maximize your operational capacity and  convert unsold inventory into revenue. Your retail store will be more successful and profitable. 

It’s Easy!
Earn and Spend Trade Dollars
​​​​Spending trade dollars for your spare hours is easy and convenient. The extra revenue stream from trading with Americas Barter Exchange will improve your cash flow. ​Use trade instead of cash to pay for things like advertising to generate additional cash sales, printing, bookkeeping, vehicle repair, screen printed shirts, banners, etc.  Every trade dollar you spend saves a cash dollar!

If you ever have excess inventory, call Americas Barter Exchange at (801) 802-0322 to improve your income and gain new customers.