Will Barter Work for Limousines?


The Problem:
Limousines and Drivers Sitting Idle Aren’t Making Money

Limos sitting idle and underutilized drivers is costing you thousands of dollars each year. Leases or car payments, insurance, maintenance, and cleaning your limos are just some of the fixed expenses you are required to pay - even when you limos and drivers are not being used.

The Solution:
Barter Idle Hours and Empty Limos for Trade Dollars

Americas Barter Exchange will bring you new customers for airport runs, nights out on the town, and special occasions when Limousins  are highly desired. Our business owners often need  transportation services and would welcome the use of a limousine.  We direct these trade members to you, allowing you to keep more limos on the road and your drivers better paid and happy.

Americas Barter Exchange members always pay the gratuity to the drivers and any required tolls in cash.  Your Limo Company only trades the trip charge at your regular hourly-rate.  

Trade never interferes with your cash business. Americas Barter Exchange can provide you with new customers to fill those otherwise empty time-slots and turn that unused capacity into purchasing power!  Trade your surplus time for trade dollars.  Billing your services at your normal hourly rate in trade dollars will maximize your operational capacity and turn unused time into revenue. Your Limousine Company will be more successful and profitable. 

Remember, y
ou always control the number of hours you are open for trade to prevent the over-use of your services.

It’s Easy!
Earn and Spend Trade Dollars
Spending trade dollars for your unused hours is easy.  Limo companies that accept trade dollars protect their cash-flow by using trade dollars for vehicle maintenance, detailing services, websites, trade-show participation, advertising to bring in additional cash business, tuxedo rentals, etc.  While your fixed expenses such as leases, insurance, gas, etc. cannot be factored into trade deals, you are paying for those things regardless of whether you are bartering or not. 

If you have ever have unused time, call Americas Barter Exchange at (801) 802-0322 to improve your income and gain new customers.