Will Barter Work for Advertisers?

The Problem:
Advertisers Need to Fill Time and Space

There has never been a better fit for organized trade than for advertisers. Whether you are a radio station with air time, a media company with empty billboards, or a publication selling ads trade can be an incredibly effective way to fill that extra space or time.

Trade business will never interfere with your cash business. Frequently, radio stations have extra time, media companies have extra inventory not sold, and publications have ad space unfilled before deadlines. In these instances, your costs are virtually the same as when you are completely booked.  There is little to no additional cash layout to add additional advertisers. Trading this space at regular retail value not only helps you get closer to being full but also provides you a nice additional revenue stream based solely on new clientele. 

The Solution:
Americas Barter Exchange Turns that Extra Time and Space into Revenue

Our current Barter Exchange media partners love trading and understand the value of turning that extra space and time into revenue.  Don't worry, one of our specialized Trade Brokers will work with you to find the perfect trade items you need in return. 

​Plus, you always control the time or space available for trade dollars to ensure you never lose a cash-paying customer.

It’s Easy!
Earn and Spend Trade Dollars
​​Spending trade dollars for your available advertising space is easy and convenient. The extra revenue stream from trading with Americas Barter Exchange will improve your cash flow. ​Use trade instead of cash to pay for things like, printing, banners, silk-screened t-shirts, bookkeeping, vehicle repair, employee bonuses and incentives, computer repair, website development, etc.  Every trade dollar you spend saves a cash dollar!

If you have ever have spare advertising space, call Americas Barter Exchange at (801) 802-0322 to improve your income and gain new customers.