PictureJana Dahl, Owner
"I love this business - it's so much fun!"

Every day for me at Americas Barter Exchange is fun and fascinating. I’m a real people person and love building relationships.  One day, I am helping someone plan a wedding, the next day, helping someone line up contractors for a remodel or getting their kids dental work, and then still another day, I get to show someone around our product boutique at the office.
When I purchased our historical warehouse building, I needed to update it convert it into offices. I had members work on it from electrical to plumbing, from flooring to the drywall, from painting to the asphalt and landscaping.  I paid for the materials and was able to trade all the labor.
The best thing is we are improving our members’ quality of life.  Many of our members are small business owners.  Many have families and are working long hours to build their businesses. Frequently, at the end of the month, after paying all their bills, these small business owners are left with little discretionary income.

We help to market their businesses, we are part of their success.

Many can’t afford to take that trip, they can’t afford to put braces on their child’s teeth, or they would love to take their spouse for a weekend get-away, but they just can’t spare the money – but guess what?  They’ve earned trade dollars because they have traded in empty space, excess products, spare service hours or employee down-time.
Now, these business owners can afford to do some things they normally wouldn’t do. That’s the best part for me; I’m involved in these peoples’ lives, I become friends with them, I build a relationship with them. I watch their kids grow up, I help plan their weddings, we help them get attorneys when needed, and they really become part of my family, my trade family.

It’s always so exciting to have new members join because you know they will become part of our trade family and it increases the opportunities of our members to trade with each other.

​Jana Dahl, Owner