Americas Barter Exchange Code of Conduct

In order to promote goodwill and assure honest and equal treatment to all members, I do hereby pledge to conduct business with my fellow Americas Barter Exchange (ABE) members in the following manner:
  1. I will offer trade members the same goods, services, priorities, and considerations as cash customers.
  2. I will get or give a written estimate or contract on any job to be delivered or completed in the future.
  3. I will charge my prevailing retail price on all trade sales.
  4. I will pay all gratuities and tax in cash.
  5. I understand that all ABE transactions are to be 100% trade for the first $5,000 on every transaction.
  6. I understand that ABE is to act as the third party record keeper.  Any disputes that arise need to be resolved between the buyer and the seller.
  7. I understand that if I do not abide by the Transaction Rules, my ABE account is at risk of being closed.
  8. I will not ask for discounts or sale prices at members’ establishments.
  9. I will not engage in direct trade with any other ABE member but will always go through Americas Barter Exchange.
  10. I will not falsely declare my account on hold.
  11. I will immediately report any violations of the Code of Conduct to Americas Barter Exchange.